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At Bob's Professional Painting, we pride ourselves on our meticulous cabinet refinishing process, designed to deliver a flawless, factory-like finish. The journey to perfection begins with our comprehensive sanding procedure. We meticulously sand each cabinet surface to ensure a smooth and flawless base, crucial for the even application of our premium shellac-based or our eco-friendly primers and paint products. This foundational work is vital for achieving the unparalleled adhesion of our advanced technology paints.

Once sanded your cabinets are transferred to our state-of-the-art spray booth, where they are expertly coated and then removed with sanding between each coat. The controlled environment of our spray booth ensures that every cabinet is evenly covered, eliminating drips and inconsistencies for a superior and enduring finish. Our commitment to using only the highest quality materials and processes, from detailed sanding to precision spraying, sets us apart and guarantees that your cabinets will not only look spectacular but will also withstand the test of time. Choose any color from any paint product manufacturer and we'll match the color perfectly using state of the art color match technology!

Cabinet Painting Process

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From color consultations and paint matching for painting projects to preparation services on a newly constructed home, we pay attention to all the details. You can count on Bob's Professional Painting as your preferred and trusted painting contractor.

Over 7000 Colors and Wood Stains.

Now proudly applying Envirolak, to offer a low-VOC, non-toxic solution that means safer indoor air quality for your family and less environmental impact.

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